Tromsø Bed & Books


A house for the soul

If you want to get closer to the city centre without losing the view to the majestic nature of the Fløya mountain, you can stay in our new Writer's home. The house has 5 bedrooms: 2 single rooms and 3 double rooms. The shared rooms includes a library, dining room, kitchen, upstairs bathroom, downstairs bathroom and living room with satellite TV and DVD-player.

The house is a great place to enjoy the calm atmosphere of our library home and the proximity to urban culture and nature. In addition to a beautiful wallpaper with a view of Tromsø from the mountain, the house has walls and doors in blackboard paint where our guests are invited to write or draw, or just enjoy the creativity from our former guests.
With the Hålogaland theatre as our closest neighbour, you can experience a piece of local culture, or enjoy a cup of coffee in the airy café overlooking the sea.

The kitchen is well equipped and is situated on the first floor together with a dining room. Next to the dining room you will find our library which include a beautiful old bed (for sitting), a desk by the window and of course lots of books. You are welcome to read as much as you like while you are here. At the end of the hallway there is a bathroom with a shower cabinet and toilet. Upstairs you will find 4 of the 5 bed rooms, a world wide living room and another bathroom with a super comfy shower. The living room has a world map on one of the walls where you are welcome to pinpoint your home city. Here you can also relax in our fantastic sofa whilst watching a DVD, or reading a book in the light of our home made tree-lamp!

Quick facts

Sleeps: Max 10 pers
Double rooms: 3
Single rooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Kitchen: Yes
Library: Yes
Parking: 1-2 spots (free!)
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In short
Your home in Tromsø. A Bed & Breakfast WITHOUT the breakfast; an ever changing community of nice people; a house with comfy beds, quirky books, gorgeous wallpapers & a functional kitchen.
  • Strandvegen 45 & 84
  • N - 9007 Tromsø
  • +47 770 29 800