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How we came to creating the best guesthouse in the world

Once upon a time we traveled the world. Roads and planes and railways took us far and farther still - there were elephants, mountains, forests, dirt roads, deserts. Temples, telephone boots. Heavy luggage and signs in foreign languages. Friends found, loves lost. Dreams carried to high heavens and back. All the time we searched for one thing: a cozy, clean and friendly place to call home before night would fall over our footprints and take us towards a new morning. A place where the «sick» in homesickness could be left by the door and make us feel like we would never want to leave.

We never forgot this feeling, this never-ending quest for something truly magical to turn up along the road. The road, as it often does, took us home again, but the exploration carried on: Why is it that this perfect, welcoming, homely homeawayfromhome-kind-of-guesthouse does not exist right here, right where our roots cross paths with so many travelers like ourselves, the courageous and curious explorers who come all our way to hunt for northern lights, unspoiled nature, sunny nights and a place to call home? Why wouldn't we just change that and create the guesthouse we ourselves would have LOVED to find?

Alas, and so we did. We like having good ideas but even more we like doing them.

The rest is a story that includes ridiculous amounts of work - as with most adventures we can attest to the fact that not knowing what you're getting into before you're actually there is a blessing that can't be overestimated (not much in this world would be accomplished otherwise!). Fast forward to where we are today, our current introduction about ourselves would go something like this:

We're a small family-run guesthouse close to the Tromsø city centre. We're laidback, friendly, quirky, homely and quite frankly one-of-a-kind (just like you!). We love books, people, mountains, nature, culture, trees, coffee, art, music, film, poetry, seagulls and photography. There's a special place in our heart for quirky (preferably home-made) lamps, retro furniture and gorgeous wallpapers. When we're not chatting with our guests (hopefully you!) we love hiking, reading, dancing, writing, meeting new people, drinking coffee, chilling out in our garden, skiing, cooking, fishing and laughing. Our place is a result of many travels all around the world - we simply wanted to make the perfect place to stay that we ourselves were always looking for when on the road.

We do NOT serve breakfast, but you're welcome to cook your own in our fully equipped kitchen. This is also a nice way to get to know other travelers - we think there's nothing like sharing stories, travel tips and future plans over a home-cooked meal. There's a grocery store nearby, so you can shop whatever ingredients you want and save a good deal of pennies by cooking your own food (eating out in Norway is a sure way to make sure your wallet won't stay fat for long.)

We have run our place on a professional basis since 2011, and have experience with renting out rooms to tourists since 2008. Having traveled quite a bit ourselves we know what's important when on the road, and we take pride in giving our guests the best possible advice and insider tips on what to do and where to go when in the Paris of the North (as Tromsø is commonly called). We're here every day from 9-16 (9-13 in the weekends), and we'd LOVE to see you here.

That's not the end of the story though - like all true fairytales it continues whenever you want it to. Yes, that's right - the next exciting thing to happen to us could be YOU!

Welcome <3

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In short
Your home in Tromsø. A Bed & Breakfast WITHOUT the breakfast; an ever changing community of nice people; a house with comfy beds, quirky books, gorgeous wallpapers & a functional kitchen.
  • Strandvegen 45 & 84
  • N - 9007 Tromsø
  • +47 770 29 800